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FEATURES -- Book Review

Let Your Music Soar:

The Emotional Connection

Written by Corky Siegel & Peter Krammer

Illustrations by Holly Siegel


by Karen Brault

"Let Your Music Soar: The Emotional Connection” is a fascinating book that completely simplifies understanding music Dynamics.

Written in a way that can be understood by any musician at any level, this book is an eye-opening experience that will show you how various Dynamic techniques are used in music and how to use these Dynamic techniques to the fullest capacity in all types of music.

Music Dynamics is the physical intensity with which music is played and is a powerful key to placing emphasis of emotion or feeling to music. Be it that the physical act of playing music is loud and forceful or soft and faint, it is all tied to Dynamics. 

This book covers an extensive range of Dynamics, such as how to read music correctly by understanding music symbols, thus enabling the music to be played with the proper Dynamics intended by the composer. It will show you how to draw out your musical abilities and how to create music in a more artistic form. It also shows you the different types of Dynamics you can apply to music yourself. Let Your Music Soar demonstrates the power of Dynamics and gives a look at the theory "less is more." It shows how Dynamics can play a role in sound distortions, too.

The book comes with a CD that will enhance your learning skills of music Dynamics and take you through the various techniques of Dynamic styling in a fun and simple way. The CD also demonstrates vocal Dynamics and gives an insight on how to enhance vocal styling as well.

Let Your Music Soar is a great teaching tool that is full of insight and fun for anyone wanting to put more Dynamics into their music. It will enhance your talents and musical expressions by helping you to understand these Dynamics. And Holly Siegel adds even more fun to the book with her cute original character illustrations seen throughout this book.

            Let Your Music Soar was co-written by renowned Chicago blues harp player Corky Siegel and his former student Peter Krammer. Since his days with the groundbreaking Siegel-Schwall Blues Band in the ‘60s, Siegel hasn’t slowed down a bit. He has worked with Maestro Seiji Ozawa and world famous orchestras to merge blues with classical music. In 1987, the singer-songwriter formed Chamber Blues as a vehicle for his classical-blues music.

            Krammer, who took music classes from Siegel at Chicago’s Columbia College, has gone on to score soundtracks for indie films and dance theater. He resides in the San Francisco area where he plays guitar with Bay area jazz groups.

Published by Nova Vista, Let Your Music Soar: The Emotional Connection is a great book for any musician on any level, be it amateur or professional. I would especially encourage those who teach music to use this book with all their music students. It is an excellent book and they'll love it, too.


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