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Las Vegas House of Blues Allows Guests to Get Up Close and Personal with Artists

Las Vegas House of Blues

Many would argue that Las Vegas has become anything but the place to be for blues fans. While the city is known for its live shows from different genres, these past few years have seen it shift towards electronic dance music and comedy shows, and after hosting the Sin City Soul and Blues Revival in 2013, Vegas hasn’t seen very many major events geared towards the blues fan.

Despite the shrinking demographic of casinos, many continue to visit them for a variety of reasons, and Sin City remains dotted with high-end casinos that offer a variety of experiences to its patrons. It’s not just because they want to hit it big either – some casinos even reward patrons simply for playing. As Intercasino explains, the "comps" or complimentary gifts, are given to new players who sign up to clubs. "Particularly, you can acquire free cash, room, meal, and many others when you sign-up as a new guest to the player’s club," they write in a blog post explaining interesting casino facts. "Also interesting is that you can earn additional complimentary gifts as long as you are playing." It’s not just free food and hotel rooms either. Some casinos have gone so far as to offer free tickets to shows and parties, and even meet-and-greets to their patrons.

Unfortunately, most of these high-tier prizes are given only to gamblers expected to gamble hundreds of thousands of dollars away in one night, so even casino regulars often don’t have the chance to experience them. One Las Vegas establishment, however, has been trying to bring not just great soulful blues music back to Sin City, but even help fans get up close and personal to their favorite artists. That establishment is Las Vegas’s own House of Blues, part of the national House of Blues project that began in 1992, when the very first House of Blues opened in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

House of Blues founder Isaac Tigrett sought to revitalize interest in the music of the rural south, including the Blues, Rhythm and Blues, Gospel, Jazz and Roots-based Rock & Roll, and of this love of Southern Culture, the project was born. Nowadays, they don’t just content themselves with providing great opportunities to witness and enjoy Southern music and culture, but even help up-and-coming artists find their voice and reach new audiences through the House of Blues Music Forward Foundation. And channeling the spirit and essence of the south, each House of Blues stage is welded onto a box of Delta Mississippi mud, “to ensure that every artist has the roots and the spirit of the South planted beneath their feet.”

This month alone, Las Vegas’s House of Blues is hosting a variety of shows for blues fans, including regular Nothing but the Blues shows and shows by Santana, presented by Sirius XM. All of the shows are held in the House of Blues’s restaurant, with fans given the chance to enjoy an up close and personal experience with premier tables that put them so close to the artists, they can just feel the spirit of blues as they perform. Later in the year, performers such as the Gospel Brunch, Steel Panther, and Dizzy Wright ensure that shows at the House of Blues are as diverse as can be. All of these events are punctuated with events such as local craft beer breweries and rockstar karaoke, making them a great venue, even for those who don’t really enjoy blues.

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